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Our unique infrastructure supplies all types of projects: industrial, logistic, technological, and global export services



The strong investment in redundant infrastructure is the reason for our comparative advantage. It is the only free zone park in the region capable of allocating high demanding industrial projects. It also has well developed services involving security, network, environmental and landscaping, making it an ideal work place minutes away from Montevideo city.

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Uruguay, the pearl of South America

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Command your worldwide or regional business from Uruguay

This stable country, with its high economic freedom, offers the perfect scenario to coordinate your worldwide operations or with focus in Latin America, one of the world's most growing and dynamic economies.

Uruguay has a high educational and cultural level, with a qualified workforce and admirable quality of life.

Judicial security, political & economic stability, excellent transportation infrastructure, advanced telecommunications, international free trade agreements, and even the lack of natural catastrophes: for all of these reasons Uruguay has become the preferential hub of the world's biggest companies to expand towards the rest of Latin America and the World.

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